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<   No. 1426   2006-12-22   >

Comic #1426

1 Serron: And speaking of profit sharing, Paris shouldn't get a share. She's dead.
2 Paris: I'm standing right here, you moron!
3 Serron: What are you going to do with money?
3 Paris: I can think of one good thing!
4 Spanners: Put it in a bank account just so Serron can't have it?
4 Paris: Two good things!

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Being a ghost, I'm not sure how she can accomplish the first thing she thought of.

(Stick it under her pillow of course. Any non-PG-rated thoughts you may have had are the product of your own deranged imagination.)

2016-08-05 Rerun commentary: Sometimes it's good to leave things up to the readers' imaginations.

Because you folks can come up with way sicker ideas than I could ever put in the comic.

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