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<   No. 1242   2006-06-21   >

Comic #1242

1 Prof. Jones: {ordering food from Erwin, through the prison cell bars} ... Schweinshaxe mit Spätzle, Kartoffelsalat mit diesen kleinen Speckstücken, und Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte und Apfelstrudel zum Nachtisch.
1 Erwin: No wurst?
2 Prof. Jones: No, it's the wurst.
2 Erwin: But we have die best of die wurst here in Berlin.
3 Prof. Jones: It's still the wurst, to be frank.
3 Minesota Jones: I never sausage a thing as a best wurst.
4 Monty: Aaaargghh!!!
4 Prof. Jones: {whispering to Erwin} Actually, bring us some wurst. This is fun.

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I seldom need to show people whispering or talking in a low voice, and I've tried a few different methods of showing it in the past. I think the simple smaller font size works well enough.

Oh and yes, Professor Jones is ordering a last meal in the first panel. Naturally he speaks German fluently. He's ordering pork knuckle with Swabian/Bavarian noodle/dumpling thingies (spätzle are kind of hard to describe succinctly), potato salad "with those little bacon bits", and black forest cake and apple strudel for dessert.


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