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<   No. 119   2003-05-24   >

Comic #119

1 {Stormtroopers fire eratically everywhere but at Luke and Obi-Wan}
1 Luke: These guys can't shoot for peanuts. Back on Tatooine you said, "Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise."
2 Luke: Was that just a scam to get me to come to Alderaan?
3 Obi-Wan: Their shooting is precise... from a certain point of view.
4 Luke: That's Jedi code for, "I lied my butt off," isn't it?

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I like the fact Luke and Obi-Wan are having an argument right in front of two stormtroopers who are trying to shoot them, and obviously failing. Well, there's that bottomless chasm in between, but that hardly counts.

2012-03-16 Rerun commentary: Again, it's the young Obi-Wan here, since I still didn't have an old Obi-Wan figure. That makes this comic a bit more confusing than it really should be.

Also, if I made this comic today, I'd probably add some laser blast special effects, to show just how bad the stormtroopers are at aiming.

And yes, the platform Obi-Wan and Luke are standing on isn't connected to anything else. They're kind of stranded there. A bit of over-economy in set building, I'm afraid.

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