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<   No. 1188   2006-04-28   >

Comic #1188

1 [caption]: A Nazi plummets from a zeppelin somewhere over Poland! {A Nazi plummets from a zeppelin somewhere over Poland!}
2 Jamie: {pointing to a diagram showing the Nazi falling after something else} The myth is that he can find a package that was thrown out first.
3 Jamie: {indicating the Nazi in a deep hole in the ground} Newton's laws say he can't catch it in flight, and impact will be at fatal velocity.
4 Hitler's Brain: Erwin was carrying a parachute.
4 Jamie: {stunned} He sabotaged the experiment?!

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Another runner-up in the art submission contest, this one is by Monkey-Sensei, who writes his own comic, Chronicles of Sonya.

It's an interesting exercise matching the dialogue font to the varied art styles that people have used.

This is about the only way I can ever see getting a Cliffhangers/Mythbusters crossover done!

Oh, and yes, Newton allows Erwin to have a greater terminal velocity than the package - I'm cleverly ignoring that fact.

2015-09-07 Rerun commentary: I felt very pleased with managing to work this piece of guest art into the story so seamlessly.

Unfortunately it appears that the original Chronicles of Sonya site no longer exists, so here's a copy on

Oh, and there's a trope for what Jamie says in this strip, too. (Actually we're subverting the trope here by using real physics.)

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