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Remix Competition

This competition ran in February 2009. Here are the entries in no particular order. The winner of the competition was decided by a reader poll to be Remix 3. Congratulations to Simon Smith.

Remix 1 by Jason Mutford.

Remix 1

Remix 2 by Gert-Jan Van de Voorde.

Remix 2

Remix 3 by Simon Smith.

Remix 3

Remix 4 by Simon Smith.

Remix 4

Remix 5 by GBBS.

Remix 5

Remix 6 by Kirsten Rölleke.

Remix 6

Remix 7 by Kirsten Rölleke.

Remix 7

Remix 8 by Kirsten Rölleke.

Remix 8

Remix 9 by Chris Burke. This strip also appears as part of Chris' own webcomic, (x, why?).

Remix 9

Remix 10 by Adam Randall.

Remix 10

Remix 11 by Luke Nelson.

May I just send you a transcript for my entry? I can? Thank you!
Remix of #642

Remix 11

1 Head Death: Ah, Choking on a Musical Instrument, sit down.
1 Death of Choking on a Musical Instrument: Yes, sir.
2 Head Death: We have an inside tip that a musician in Tasmania will be choked to death in his next performance.
3 Head Death: To be precise, you will be collecting him in the Segue.
3 Death of Choking on a Musical Instrument: No Way!
4 Death of Choking on a Musical Instrument: All this time you've had a Segway and still make us collect on foot?!

Remix 12 by Robert Singh.

Remix 12

Remix 13 by Chief_scout.

Remix 13

Remix 14 by Leon Arnott.

Remix 14

Remix 15 by Xaviack.

Remix 15

Remix 16 by Glen Barnett.

Remix 16

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