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Poll Results

Poll 727: You're cutting an onion in half. Do you cut it equatorially, or pole to pole?

Total votes: 1311

Pole to pole: 521 (39.7%)
Equatorially: 362 (27.6%)
It depends on other factors: 161 (12.3%)
I never cut onions and have no idea what I'd do: 157 (12.0%)
If using a whole onion, pole to pole first; if using half and saving half for later, equatorially: 65 (5.0%)  
If using a whole onion, equatorially first; if using half and saving half for later, pole to pole: 28 (2.1%)
At a random angle; I love chaos!: 17 (1.3%)

One respondent wrote to say: How would I know? It's not spinning when I cut it. Besides, do you mean magnetic poles or geographic poles?

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