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Poll Results

Poll 723: You're making a pizza at home. Where does the cheese go?

Total votes: 1262

On the sauce, under the other toppings: 724 (57.4%)
On top of everything: 443 (35.1%)
On the base, under the sauce and any other toppings: 95 (7.5%)  

There was also one emailed write-in answer for: Cheese goes over meat toppings but under veggie toppings.

This poll was prompted by me making pizza at home one evening, and sharing a photo of the result with friends via online chat. One of them asked me why I put the cheese under the toppings instead of on top. I was flabbergasted and completely lost for words. After a minute of flabbergastation, I could barely enunciate my incredulity:

"Who puts cheese on top of the toppings??? Nobody does that!!!"

My friend defied my certainty in the Universe being a place of Order and the Laws of Physics, and dragged me screaming into the very pits of raw, untempered Chaos:

"I do! In fact... who puts the cheese under the toppings?"

Under this heavy mental assault, I marshalled the forces of logic:

"But... they're called toppings - they go on top. Nobody puts cheese on the top! If you go to a pizza restaurant, the cheese is always underneath the toppings!"

At this point another friend spoke up and supported my last feeble grip on reality:

"He's right. They do put the cheese under the toppings at pizza places..."

But then he continued and my whole world unravelled in a spiralling descent into Madness:

"... but when I make pizza at home, I always put the cheese on top."

A few days later, I pecked out this poll question while resting comfortably in a rubber room and straitjacket. At least now the Internet can prove me right...

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