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Poll Results

Poll 713: How would you feel living in a house where none of the walls meet at 90° angles, rather the walls all meet at either 60° (like an equilateral triangle) or 120° (like a hexagon)?

Total votes: 565

Awesome! I'd love it!: 29 (5.1%)
Interesting, I think I might like it: 126 (22.3%)
A wall's a wall, who cares?: 48 (8.5%)
I could live with it, but only if I had furniture to match the angles: 174 (30.8%)  
That sounds vaguely inconvenient and annoying: 161 (28.5%)
I would never get over how weird that is: 14 (2.5%)
Sounds horrifying, no way!: 13 (2.3%)

Naomi R. wrote to inform me that she has in fact lived in a hexagon-based building, namely Trevelyan College at Durham University. Here's a map of the building, which shows just how wacky and cool it is. Although Naomi did point out that most of the rooms are subdivided from the hexagons using walls at 90° to a straight wall, so there are in fact 90° angles in places. I don note that some of the communal spaces are fully hexagonal, and a few rooms have 60° angles in them, which look awkwardly tight.

I got one hack-in pun-vote for: I would not be All Right with that. And of course an Allosaurus.

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