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Poll Results

Poll 710: When washing dishes using a cloth/sponge/brush, which hand do you hold the dish in, and which hand do you hold the cloth/sponge/brush in?

Total votes: 816

Dish in left; and I'm right handed: 688 (84.3%)  
Dish in right; and I'm left-handed: 53 (6.5%)
Dish in left; and I'm ambidextrous: 20 (2.5%)
Dish in left; and I'm left handed: 17 (2.1%)
Dish in right; and I'm right-handed: 17 (2.1%)
I never wash dishes, so have no idea: 15 (1.8%)
Dish in right; and I'm ambidextrous: 6 (0.7%)

This poll was inspired by my recent accidental kitchen knife injury to my left hand. I had my hand bandaged up for a couple of weeks, and it made it tricky to do various everyday household tasks. In particular I noticed that when cleaning off dishes I naturally hold the dish in my right hand and the dishcloth in my left, which was not really possible with having to keep my bandage dry, so I was forced to switch hands, and noticed how bizarre and unnatural it felt to hold the dish in my left hand and the cloth in my right.

I asked my friends which way around they hold them, and every single one of them (all right-handed, like me) said they hold the dish in the left hand and the cloth/brush in the right. So I was inspired to put it to a poll.

As the results show, a whopping 90.8% of you hold the cloth/brush in your dominant hand. However I'm in the minority who holds it in the non-dominant hand. Admittedly, although right-handed in all the major ways (writing, throwing, playing sports, brushing teeth, using tools), I seem to do a lot of minor tasks in the same way as most left-handed people. It's a bit weird.

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