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Poll Results

Poll 707: Are there any words that you habitually pronounce differently to most people around you?

Total votes: 711

Yes, but mainly because I'm not a native speaker of the local language/dialect: 43 (6.0%)  
No, pretty sure I pronounce everything "properly": 39 (5.5%)
Not that I know of, but it's possible: 226 (31.8%)
Yes, there's this one specific word I pronounce differently: 52 (7.3%)
Yes, there are a few words I can think of: 321 (45.1%)
Yes, lots of words: 30 (4.2%)

There's one word in particular that everyone pronounces differently to me: debauchery. I'd encountered it many times when reading, but the first time I ever heard someone say it I had no idea what the heck word they were trying to say.

They were saying some weird thing like "duh-BAWTCH-ery", when I knew it was actually pronounced "duh-BOUGH-kery".

I have since discovered that apparently everybody except me also pronounces this word wrong!

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