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Poll Results

Poll 700: If you could visit the past and possibly change history, what would you do?

Total votes: 684

Save human artefacts that were lost or destroyed: 111 (16.2%)
Don't go at all, it's way too risky: 109 (15.9%)
Collect live specimens of extinct animals or plants: 85 (12.4%)
Visit a historical period to observe and try not to interact with anyone: 83 (12.1%)  
Influence some critical historical turning point in as subtle a way as possible: 60 (8.8%)
Teach someone a skill or invention from the future: 52 (7.6%)
Show someone unappreciated that they will be loved by later generations: 43 (6.3%)
Rescue someone from a tragic early death: 38 (5.6%)
Visit a historical period and interact like a regular resident of that time: 35 (5.1%)
Kill a tyrant: 18 (2.6%)
Prevent an assassination: 17 (2.5%)
Bring someone from the past to see the future: 15 (2.2%)
Take a modern item to show someone in the past: 13 (1.9%)
Spread a plant or animal beyond its historical range: 5 (0.7%)

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