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Poll Results

Poll 695: How do you wash your feet?

Total votes: 933

Just let the runoff from the rest of my body take care of it: 326 (34.9%)  
Balance on one leg in the shower, wash lifted foot: 285 (30.5%)
Stand on one leg, leaning on shower wall: 137 (14.7%)
Wash them while taking a bath: 68 (7.3%)
I have a seat in the shower, so they're easy to reach: 46 (4.9%)
Squat down in shower to reach feet: 32 (3.4%)
I don't have feet / other: 29 (3.1%)
Wash them in a foot tub separate from showering/bathing: 10 (1.1%)

What, really? I read in some article somewhere that many people don't actively wash their feet, they just let the soapy runoff from the rest of their body during a shower take care of it. I didn't believe it, hence this poll.

I do the balance on one leg thing. I just assumed that everybody washed their feet - if not balancing, then at least squatting down or some other method where it's easier to balance. Colour me surprised.

And now I know that wherever I go, roughly a third of the people around me never wash their feet properly...

Oh, and for the record, one of you apparently washes your feet with an Allosaurus.

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