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Poll Results

Poll 693: Name as many species of birds that you see in everyday life as you can. How many?

Total votes: 573

0 (I really don't pay attention): 57 (9.9%)
0 (I don't know the names of any of them): 34 (5.9%)  
1: 24 (4.2%)
2: 37 (6.5%)
3: 42 (7.3%)
4-5: 111 (19.4%)
6-7: 72 (12.6%)
8-10: 73 (12.7%)
11-15: 62 (10.8%)
16-20: 38 (6.6%)
21-30: 11 (1.9%)
30+: 12 (2.1%)

I asked this question because I've become more interested in spotting and identifying birds in the past few years. I've taken up the hobby of trying to photograph birds, so it's made me a lot more aware of the species around me. I've photographed well over 200 different species at the moment, although most of them were taken while travelling, either on vacation or for business. So I tried counting up the birds that I see more or less in everyday life - by which I mean "not travelling or visiting the zoo".

Here are the birds I see more or less regularly just walking around my neighbourhood or on short drives (< 30 minutes) around the city. They are all native to where I live, unless otherwise noted as introduced.

There are several other species that I have seen occasionally in Sydney, but they are more difficult to spot or live in areas I don't visit much, including:

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