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Poll Results

Poll 687: Best apple?

Total votes: 772

The Apples of Iðunn: they grant immortality: 225 (29.1%)
The Apple of Discord: Eris' prize in the Judgement of Paris: 156 (20.2%)
Barbossa's apple: *crunch* at the end of Dead Man's Chest: 80 (10.4%)
Apple Records: The Beatles' record company: 73 (9.5%)
The Apples of the Hesperides: stolen in the 11th Labour of Hercules: 55 (7.1%)  
The Biblical apple: fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: 44 (5.7%)
The apple William Tell shot from his son's head: 43 (5.6%)
Apple Computer: Think Different: 38 (4.9%)
The Big Apple: New York City: 27 (3.5%)
Indiana Jones's apple: eaten by Willie Scott in the Temple of Doom: 20 (2.6%)
The apple the Evil Queen gave to Snow White: 11 (1.4%)

There was one write-in vote for each of: "The apple that healed Digory's mother in The Magician's Nephew", and The Allosaurus.

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