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Poll Results

Poll 685: You're murdered! Who do you want investigating to find the culprit?

Total votes: 1032

Lieutentant Columbo: 245 (23.7%)
Hercule Poirot: 233 (22.6%)
Adrian Monk: 106 (10.3%)
Temperance "Bones" Brennan: 68 (6.6%)
Miss Marple: 63 (6.1%)
Gil Grissom: 49 (4.7%)
Veronica Mars: 48 (4.7%)
Inspector Endeavour Morse: 48 (4.7%)
Miss Phryne Fisher: 45 (4.4%)
Jessica Fletcher: 31 (3.0%)
Thomas Magnum: 31 (3.0%)
Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby: 26 (2.5%)  
Jim Rockford: 26 (2.5%)
Lennie Briscoe: 13 (1.3%)

Close, but Columbo comes out on top. And I have to say I'm pretty pleased with that, as he's definitely a favourite of mine. Yes, there were heaps of fictional detectives who weren't included in the poll, but I had to make some hard choices to avoid there being way too many options.

But still, I did neglect The Allosaurus, who won three write-in votes.

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