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Poll Results

Poll 681: Without context, what's the first thing you think "DC" means? (decide first, before looking at the options)

Total votes: 1303

DC Comics: 497 (38.1%)
Direct current: 372 (28.5%)
Washington D.C.: 156 (12.0%)
District of Columbia: 149 (11.4%)  
Difficulty Class: 72 (5.5%)
(something else): 44 (3.4%)
Da capo: 13 (1.0%)

Soon after this poll question went up, I received several comments from people asking why I put both "Washington D.C." and "District of Columbia" on the list, when they were the same thing. Firstly, I had thought that they were two distinct and different things, Washington being a city, and the District being an administrative region larger than the city, and (as far as I knew) containing other things like rural land and possibly other towns and cities. However, as Wikipedia confirms, Washington D.C. and the District of Columbia are precisely the same thing. I was misled by my own experience with Australia's capital city, Canberra, and the Australian Capital Territory, which is an administrative region larger than the city, and indeed contains other things like rural land and other towns.

Secondly though, the words "Washington D.C." and "District of Columbia" are still different, even if the entity they refer to is the same.

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