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Poll Results

Poll 669: Okay then, how do you pronounce "scone"?

Total votes: 1368

Rhymes with "cone": 965 (70.5%)
Rhymes with "con": 184 (13.5%)
Rhymes with "gone": 92 (6.7%)
Rhymes with "pwn": 92 (6.7%)
Rhymes with "dawn": 13 (1.0%)
Rhymes with "done": 13 (1.0%)
Rhymes with the vowel sound of "foot", but ending in "n": 4 (0.3%)  
Rhymes with "corn": 2 (0.1%)
Rhymes with "soon": 2 (0.1%)
Rhymes with "coin": 1 (0.1%)
Rhymes with [Incomprehensible Rune]: 1 (0.1%)

I included a few vowel sounds which rhyme with each other in different English-speaking accents, because in other dialects the same words don't necessarily rhyme. For the record, I pronounce "scone" as rhyming with "con", and out of the list of provided words I pronounce "gone", "dawn", and "corn" as a rhyming triplet. (I also pronounce "pwn" as rhyming with "soon", based on long-standing agreement within my circle of friends that the "w" represents the Welsh vowel sound as in "cwm" and "crwth".)

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