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Poll Results

Poll 664: For the arithmetic problem 9×9, which of the following best matches your thoughts about the two possible incorrect answers 18 and 77?

Total votes: 1148

18 and 77 are both exactly equally incorrect: 512 (44.6%)
77 is more incorrect (a worse answer) than 18: 474 (41.3%)  
18 is more incorrect (a worse answer) than 77: 162 (14.1%)

This question generated some interesting discussion on the forums, as well as a few interesting write-in responses via the poll form:

"Their incorrectness is incommensurable, being of two different kinds. 77 is probably a better wrong answer for most practical purposes, though."

"Well that's an interesting question. From a purely logical perspective, correctness is a binary value, and both answers are exactly equally incorrect. In terms of proximity to the correct anwer, 77 is more correct. In terms of reasonable mistakes, 18 is the correct answer. From a reasonable perspective, this was a massive waste of time explaining the obvious purpose of this poll."

"Yar, they're both jus' as bilge-suckin', me matey. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day."

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