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Poll Results

Poll 653: Right then, the bad news is: You'll have to wait until January. The good news is: Irregular Webcomic! books are coming! Will you buy a book?

Total votes: 916

Not sure yet: 281 (30.7%)
Probably: 228 (24.9%)
Probably not: 227 (24.8%)
No: 78 (8.5%)
Yes!: 75 (8.2%)
Yes! More than one copy! Take my money!: 27 (2.9%)  

That is actually pretty encouraging! Given my estimate of the fraction of readers who answer the polls, this allows me to make some estimates of potential sales, and it's certainly in the right ballpark for what I was thinking. So, full steam ahead! More news will come as I go through further planning stages.

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