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Poll Results

Poll 570: What do you normally wear on your feet in your own home?

Total votes: 3368

Nothing: 999 (29.7%)
Socks: 762 (22.6%)
Nothing in warm weather, socks in cold: 612 (18.2%)
Slippers: 392 (11.6%)
Nothing in warm weather, slippers in cold: 275 (8.2%)
Socks and shoes: 181 (5.4%)
Something else not covered by socks, slippers, or shoes: 86 (2.6%)  
Nothing in warm weather, socks & shoes in cold: 49 (1.5%)
Shoes without socks: 9 (0.3%)
Nothing in warm weather, shoes without socks in cold: 3 (0.1%)

A reader pointed out that most people spend most of their time at home asleep, so "normally" would correspond to whatever you wear to bed. I'm hoping most of you didn't think that way...

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