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Poll Results

Poll 533: Your favourite sports team wins a game only because of a blatant refereeing/umpiring error. Do you:

Total votes: 3630

Exalt wildly, rubbing your ill-gotten victory in the noses of the opponents: 103 (2.8%)
Cheer as if it was a normal victory - it's all part of the game: 136 (3.7%)
Celebrate, tempered by the fact that you know your team had a lucky escape: 351 (9.7%)  
Think it was a good result, but a shame it had to happen that way: 512 (14.1%)
Feel a bit ashamed that your team had to win like that: 288 (7.9%)
Feel disappointed that your team obviously didn't deserve to win: 115 (3.2%)
Wish the mistake had never been made - better to have lost fairly: 354 (9.8%)
Feel really bad for the opponents, they really deserved that victory: 103 (2.8%)
I care so little about sports that this question is irrelevant to me: 1668 (46.0%)

Wow. Not much love for sports in the readership. I'm always somewhat bemused by people who don't like sport. I enjoy most sports. Particularly the more tactical and strategic team sports. They can be very intellectually stimulating, as well as aesthetically pleasing when watching marvellous displays of athleticism and skill.

Oh well, to each their own.

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