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Poll Results

Poll 510: Choose a response that produces the largest cumulative insult:

Total votes: 4259

A. Everyone who votes B is slightly foolish: 194 (4.6%)
B. Half the people who vote C are complete idiots: 319 (7.5%)
C. If more than 15% of the votes are A, everyone who votes in this poll smells funny: 575 (13.5%)  
D. There exists at least one person who likes Highlander 2: 1372 (32.2%)
E. I refuse to insult random people for no good reason: 827 (19.4%)
F. "You suck!" multiplied by number of votes for E: 972 (22.8%)

Ya know, when I wrote this I wasn't trying to construct anything particularly insightful - I was just trying to come up with a weird question in a hurry. But I think I've shown pretty convincingly that Highlander 2 was, in fact, rather bad.

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