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Poll Results

Poll 503: You're eating out and want dessert. The place has both chocolate cake and cheesecake. Your reaction?

Total votes: 4668

The chocolate cake, every time: 1434 (30.7%)
I pick whichever I feel like at the time: 1265 (27.1%)
The cheesecake, every time: 875 (18.7%)
I pick something else: 576 (12.3%)
I pick whichever looks better: 369 (7.9%)
Oh man! I HATE this decision! I can never decide between these two!: 149 (3.2%)  

The reason I ask this is I recently faced this dilemma, and realised that I fall squarely into the last category. If a restaurant offers chocolate cake, I'll always pick that. If it offers cheesecake, I'll always pick that. If it offers both, I'm stuck in some sort of Buridan's ass situation and can't make the decision.

A few people suggested the correct course of action was to have both, which is probably something I should adopt!

(Or chocolate cheesecake, which is also a good option, but only if the restaurant has it.)

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