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Poll Results

Poll 475: If you could start your life over, would you make the same choices?

Total votes: 3942

No: 2697 (68.4%)
Yes: 1245 (31.6%)  

Of course there were a lot of unspoken assumptions you needed to make to have a go at answering this question. Would you remember your previous choices and be able to change your mind? Or would it be a knowledge-free replay and therefore you'd probably end up making the same choices since you're in the same situations? Or would you end up in split-second decisions where you really could have gone either way at the time, and just picked one essentially at random, so this time through you might go the other way?

Presumably most of you came up with your own interpretation of the question, and that led you to your answer. Which is good - I like to create poll questions that make you think, rather than just pick the obvious answer.

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