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Poll Results

Poll 465: How often do you have a cold shower?

Total votes: 4088

Very rarely: 1498 (36.6%)
What? Never! Are you nuts?!: 1153 (28.2%)
Only on really hot days and after exercise: 501 (12.3%)  
Only on really hot days: 493 (12.1%)
Regularly in the summer months: 176 (4.3%)
Several times every week: 122 (3.0%)
Only after exercise: 95 (2.3%)
Most of the year: 50 (1.2%)

Several people wrote to tell me that they only have cold showers in the winter. They're variously into this thing where you jump into frozen rivers, or roll around in the snow naked or somesuch. Apparently in summer it's too hot for this sort of activity, so they don't bother having cold showers then. Only in the depths of winter.

The really interesting thing was that every single person who wrote to tell me this was from Denmark. I'm not sure what this says about Danish culture.

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