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Poll Results

Poll 445: If you were offered an expensive new two-seater sports car, on condition that you give up all other cars you (and your partner, if you have one) have, and that you couldn't sell it, would you take it?

Total votes: 4619

No, it would be totally impractical for me: 1419 (30.7%)  
Yes!!! Where do I sign?!: 867 (18.8%)
No, I don't drive anyway: 731 (15.8%)
Hmmm. Depends what make and model: 567 (12.3%)
I'd love to, but it would be too inconvenient: 442 (9.6%)
No, it's environmentally irresponsible: 234 (5.1%)
No, I don't want to look like a rich prat: 192 (4.2%)
Hmmm. What colour is it?: 86 (1.9%)
No, I already have an expensive car I like: 81 (1.8%)

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