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Poll Results

Poll 429: The book and the film are both regarded very highly. You don't even know what the story is about, but want to find out. Which do you prefer to do?

Total votes: 3944

Do the original version first, then the adaptation: 1475 (37.4%)  
Read the book first, then see the film: 815 (20.7%)
Either order, I don't really care: 747 (18.9%)
See the film first, then read the book: 477 (12.1%)
Do the original version, avoid the adaptation: 163 (4.1%)
Read the book, avoid the film: 119 (3.0%)
See the film, avoid the book: 82 (2.1%)
Do the adapted version first, then the original: 63 (1.6%)
Do the adapted version, avoid the original: 3 (0.1%)

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