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Poll Results

Poll 407: What is the most important issue in the upcoming US election?

Total votes: 3960

Nazi science: 885 (22.3%)
The writing quality of Harry Potter fan-fiction: 577 (14.6%)
Nigerian Finance Ministry schemes causing global economic instability: 409 (10.3%)  
Pirate slang: 372 (9.4%)
Imminent destruction of Earth by an asteroid: 350 (8.8%)
Disruption of the space-time continuum by the Large Hadron Collider: 350 (8.8%)
A secret cadre of yetis manipulating paranormal and Fortean events: 277 (7.0%)
Disruption of the space-time continuum by time travellers: 268 (6.8%)
Martian agents inside the government: 234 (5.9%)
Organlegging operations using time travellers as raw materials: 162 (4.1%)
Giant snakes running loose in Scotland: 76 (1.9%)

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