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Poll Results

Poll 397: Which of these most deserves more taxpayer funding?

Total votes: 3028

Education: 1103 (36.4%)
Science: 507 (16.7%)
Health: 319 (10.5%)
Public Transport: 214 (7.1%)
Crime Prevention: 194 (6.4%)
Military: 187 (6.2%)
Environment: 158 (5.2%)
Urban Infrastructure: 95 (3.1%)  
Welfare: 88 (2.9%)
Arts and Culture: 80 (2.6%)
Rural Infrastructure: 46 (1.5%)
Housing: 22 (0.7%)
Business: 7 (0.2%)
Sport: 6 (0.2%)
Tourism: 2 (0.1%)

I deliberately didn't specify more than what. You could interpret this as "more than it gets now" or "more than any of the other options on the list". I'm guessing most of you took it the first way. It's also dependent on where you live, of course. And wow, I'm amazed that in a poll with this many responses, one of the options could only scrape up 2 votes.

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