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Poll Results

Poll 395: Which would you rather be?

Total votes: 2392

Dead: 1615 (67.5%)
A zombie: 777 (32.5%)  

An interesting result. I expected more people to vote for zombie than dead, and when I polled a group of friends, they all agreed (except for one who said, "I'm going to say dead, but only to be contrary.") I think we all figured that people would tend not to take this poll too seriously and merely think that being a zombie would be kind of cool, and hey, anything has to be better than dead, right?

But I suspect what has happened is that most people have actually considered the question with some thought and realised that being a zombie, really, is not all that it's cracked up to be. Of course it depends on exactly what definition of "zombie" you use, but if we consider the classic "animated corpse" definition, then (a) you're dead anyway, and (b) it's rather undignified and not very conducive to being remembered fondly by your friends and relatives. So (in that case at least), you probably are better off being simply dead.

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