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Poll Results

Poll 371: Three polar bears versus a TIE fighter. Who would win?

Total votes: 3843

The TIE fighter: 2537 (66.0%)  
The bears: 1306 (34.0%)

There was quite a bit of interesting dicussion on this one, pondering questions like where is this battle taking place, does the TIE fighter actually include a pilot, is one of the bears a mother protecting her cubs, do the bears have armour, and so on. When someone pointed out that the most likely pilot of the TIE fighter would be a cloned stormtrooper, it became obvious (to me) that the bears can't possibly lose. I guess most people didn't think of that. But still, this came out closer than I expected.

This poll question was inspired, by the way, if you were wondering, by a conversation that arose naturally during a game of Blokus Trigon.

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