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Poll Results

Poll 346: Okay, here's the plan: I was talking at work about how one thing I've never managed to do is learn a musical instrument. Some of the guys at work play various instruments, at differing modicums of ability. I tried to think of something with a gentle learning curve. I mentioned drums. [One of the guys said, "Wait, I thought you said you wanted to learn a musical instrument. Why did you mention drums?" So the joke's been done already, okay?] Other guy said, cool, he had a guitar, bass, and keyboard - all he needed was some drums and we could make a band. He suggested I buy some cheap drums, we keep the whole lot at work and practise, say, one night a week after work. And to make it fair on me, everyone would have to pick an instrument they didn't yet know how to play. He'd take keyboard since he'd never learnt to play it, and the piano-player could take guitar, and so on. So we'd all be starting from scratch. And we'd make a serious effort and practise regularly, and learn a couple of songs. And play at his wedding in October. (Just a song or two, not the whole night. We may be crazy but we're not stupid.) So. This is:

Total votes: 4962

Actually a pretty darn good idea: 1544 (31.1%)
A moderately good idea: 908 (18.3%)
A half-decent idea: 706 (14.2%)
A scathingly brilliant idea: 664 (13.4%)
An astoundingly painfully stupid idea: 595 (12.0%)  
A somewhat bad idea: 360 (7.3%)
A really bad idea: 185 (3.7%)

I suppose you want to know if we're going to do it. I'd really like to do it. The only real question is how much spare time we have. Unfortunately, the answer is "nowhere near enough".

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