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Poll Results

Poll 326: Which of these two is more likely?

Total votes: 3650

There have been secret permanently occupied moonbases since the 1950s: 1864 (51.1%)  
We've never been to the moon; the entire Apollo program was faked: 1786 (48.9%)

Wow. I think that's the closest two-choice poll result yet.

I find this an interesting question to pose, because both choices are clearly ludicrous, so it comes down to weighing up the relative likelihoods of two things which are both in the realm of extremely unlikely to impossible.

While I think that, technologically, it is more conceivable that the moon landings were faked, the amount of evidence supporting the fact that they really happened is overwhelming to the point that anyone who seriously doubts it is either deluded or being wilfully contrary to reality. And, as Sherlock Holmes says, when you have eliminated the impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. The evidence against 1950s moonbases is all circumstantial, not direct, so it is possible, however small the likelihood, that they do exist. But no matter how tiny that possibility is, it wins out over completely impossible.

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