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Poll Results

Poll 313: Have you stopped torturing your cat yet?

Total votes: 2389

No: 1538 (64.4%)
Yes: 851 (35.6%)
<choose>: 637 (26.7%)
The Allosaurus: 51 (2.1%)  
Mu: 22 (0.9%)

This poll is a slight variant on the classic unanswerable loaded question: Have you stopped beating your wife? For a full discussion of it and the intricacies of logic and argument behind it, refer to Wikipedia: Fallacy of many questions. And if you don't understand why 22 separate people went to the bother to hack in the answer "Mu", also refer to Wikipedia: Mu.

I was originally going to ask exactly that ("Have you stopped beating your wife?") as the poll question, but I decided on some reflection that some people may take that as incredibly offensive. So I toned it down a bit. I realise it could still be construed as offensive, but there is no way to explore this particular type of question and what you as an audience might respond to it without risking offending someone. I judged that torturing a cat was, in some sense, less offensive than beating a wife, so went that way. I do not condone either the beating of wives or the torturing of cats.

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