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Poll Results

Poll 306: Describe your relationship with computer programming:

Total votes: 2758

We've met on occasion, I find it charming and want to see it more: 524 (19.0%)  
Love/Hate: Sometimes I really love it, sometimes I can't stand it: 475 (17.2%)
I think we might have met once: 332 (12.0%)
It's fickle, I know it doesn't care about me, but I love it anyway: 263 (9.5%)
We've never met, so I have no real opinion: 169 (6.1%)
I gave it love, but it betrayed me, foul stinking creature from Hell: 169 (6.1%)
Pure unadulterated mutual romantic love of the first degree: 153 (5.5%)
We've met on occasion, but I took an instant dislike to it: 133 (4.8%)
We've never met, but I've heard good things: 111 (4.0%)
I know it all too well, I try my hardest to avoid it at all costs: 110 (4.0%)
Wicked depraved lust expressed in hedonistic pleasures: 101 (3.7%)
I interact with it purely for money, I gain no pleasure or pain from it: 87 (3.2%)
I'm its slave, it whips me and beats me, but I can't escape!: 75 (2.7%)
We've never met, but I've heard bad things: 56 (2.0%)

One of the more entertaining hacked answers:

We had an affair a couple years ago, but have barely seen each other since. I keep saying I'll call, but never do. I get together with her friend HTML to hack polls, though.

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