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Poll Results

Poll 302: Have you ever played Dungeons & Dragons?

Total votes: 3775

No, I've never played a tabletop roleplaying game: 867 (23.0%)  
Yes, all three Editions: 603 (16.0%)
3rd Edition only: 587 (15.5%)
2nd and 3rd Editions only: 503 (13.3%)
Yeah, one time, I dunno what edition: 330 (8.7%)
1st and 2nd Editions only: 253 (6.7%)
No, I play another fantasy tabletop RPG: 210 (5.6%)
1st and 3rd Editions only: 128 (3.4%)
1st Edition only: 118 (3.1%)
2nd Edition only: 117 (3.1%)
No, I only play non-fantasy tabletop RPGs: 48 (1.3%)
I've played 4th Edition! (I work for WotC!): 11 (0.3%)

I knew that Dungeons & Dragons didn't really fall into an easily classifiable three editions when I wrote this question. There's all that complication of the original booklets, the split into D&D and Advanced D&D, Edition 3.5, and so on. I figured anyone who knew enough about D&D to know the details of all that would be able to subsume their knowledge into picking a sensible answer without getting all pedantic about it and requiring me to include about a bazillion options to cover all possible combinations.

Heh, silly me.

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