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Poll Results

Poll 294: Can you swim?

Total votes: 3166

Yes, I'm competent: 1377 (43.5%)
Yes, a bit: 669 (21.1%)
Yes, I'm a strong swimmer: 463 (14.6%)
Yes, I can even swim butterfly stroke!: 209 (6.6%)
Yes, I've swum competitively: 119 (3.8%)
Does dog paddle count?: 102 (3.2%)
No, I'd probably drown: 97 (3.1%)
No, but I can tread water for a bit: 50 (1.6%)
No, but I can float: 40 (1.3%)
Yes, swimming is a requirement for my job: 35 (1.1%)
I've never been in a body of water big enough to try: 5 (0.2%)  

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