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Poll Results

Poll 261: Best 60s-70s era US sitcom?

Total votes: 2316

The Addams Family: 638 (27.5%)
Get Smart: 568 (24.5%)
Hogan's Heroes: 257 (11.1%)
Happy Days: 238 (10.3%)
Gilligan's Island: 176 (7.6%)
Bewitched: 138 (6.0%)
I Dream of Jeannie: 111 (4.8%)
Mr Ed: 50 (2.2%)
The Beverly Hillbillies: 41 (1.8%)  
The Brady Bunch: 29 (1.3%)
Green Acres: 24 (1.0%)
Here's Lucy: 19 (0.8%)
Laverne and Shirley: 14 (0.6%)
Gomer Pyle USMC: 13 (0.6%)

I got several e-mails asking where M*A*S*H was. I left that out because I don't consider it a 60s-70s sitcom, since it was made from 1972 to 1983, making it a 70s-80s sitcom.

Of course this means that neither Happy Days nor Laverne and Shirley should be here either. Unfortunately I misremembered roughly when those shows were produced. Luckily neither of them won.

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