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Poll Results

Poll 249: Do you ever get frustrated by elections where there are no real distinguishing features between the candidates' policies?

Total votes: 2296

<choose>: 859 (37.4%)
No, it's a true expression of democracy: 701 (30.5%)  
No, it's a true expression of democracy: 605 (26.4%)
No, it's a true expression of democracy: 469 (20.4%)
No, it's a true expression of democracy: 273 (11.9%)
No, it's a true expression of democracy: 248 (10.8%)
The Allosaurus: 41 (1.8%)

For those of you interested in the order of the five identical options (which were the only options given), they finished in this order: 1, 4, 3, 5, 2.

I think this is the first time <choose> polled a plurality of votes when there was more than one other option in the poll.

This was by far the most frustrating poll for me to count the votes for, ever. I have a script that counts the votes in a fraction of a second, but so many people hacked in bizarre answers that it broke my script and it took me over half an hour to track down the cause and fix it. Aiiieee... Never again.

Someone also attempted to stuff the ballot with several hundred votes for <choose>. Hello... it's trivial for my script to detect and discard those. All you're doing is wasting your own time. But hey, I suppose that's better than you doing active harm somewhere else.

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