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Poll Results

Poll 243: If you suddenly discovered you had significant superpowers, what would you do?

Total votes: 2741

Use my powers subtly/secretly to better the world as much as I can: 774 (28.2%)
Use my powers subtly to gain power and/or wealth by legal means: 414 (15.1%)
Live a relatively normal life, but fight injustice in a low-key way: 382 (13.9%)
Become a shadowy vigilante for my own interpretation of justice: 249 (9.1%)
Use my powers to make the world a better place, by taking over: 182 (6.6%)
Become a superhero, complete with flashy costume and secret identity: 151 (5.5%)  
Use my powers secretly to gain power/wealth by illegal means: 140 (5.1%)
Become a flashy supervillain! Woohoo!: 132 (4.8%)
Submit myself to research to discover the cause of superpowers: 112 (4.1%)
Think I'm crazy and try to avoid using powers as much as possible: 90 (3.3%)
Announce it to the world and become a superhero of known identity: 51 (1.9%)
Try to live a completely normal life, ignoring my powers: 38 (1.4%)
Announce my powers and become a celebrity, performing for money: 26 (0.9%)

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