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Poll Results

Poll 238: Have you listened to an Irregular Podcast!?

Total votes: 2487

No, I'm not interested in podcasts.: 559 (22.5%)
No, I might check it out if I'm bored one day.: 407 (16.4%)
What's a podcast?: 278 (11.2%)
There's a podcast?! Where?! Let me at it!: 233 (9.4%)
Yes! Make more!: 220 (8.8%)
No, I don't have the necessary equipment.: 203 (8.2%)
I intend to grab them soon.: 152 (6.1%)
Yes, I'm hoping they improve.: 144 (5.8%)
Yes, they're not bad.: 128 (5.1%)
No, I have too much stuff to listen to already.: 99 (4.0%)
I've downloaded but not had time to listen yet.: 40 (1.6%)
Yes but, well, I won't in future.: 24 (1.0%)

For those who don't know, a podcast is an episodic audio file which you can subscribe to using various software tools such as iTunes. You don't, however, need iTunes or an iPod to listen to it. As long as you have a (reasonably modern) computer with speakers or headphones, you can just download the individual episodes from the podcasts page and play them on your computer.

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