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Poll Results

Poll 227: In poll #225, I said if everyone voted A, I would give you an extra comic. Out of 3484 votes, there were 3331 'A's and 153 'B's. I'm giving you a second chance. If at least 3331/3484 (95.6%) of the valid votes for this poll are A, I will give you an extra comic next week.

Total votes: 4737

A: 4514 (95.3%)  
B: 223 (4.7%)

So close.

This poll did break two records though. The highest number of valid votes in a poll so far. And the highest number of attempted ballot-stuff votes (which of course don't get counted).

There were 88,459 ballot-stuffing attempts. Of those, over 87,000 were attempts at stuffing the ballot for "A", and barely over 1,000 for "B".

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