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Poll Results

Poll 215: How famous are you?

Total votes: 3045

I'm not really known beyond family and friends: 977 (32.1%)
I'm well known to about 100 to 1000 people: 872 (28.6%)
I'm only known to a small family/friends group: 295 (9.7%)
I'm a recluse: 226 (7.4%)
Actually, you'd be amazed to know I read your comic: 193 (6.3%)  
I'm famous within a specialised field, but not outside: 132 (4.3%)
I'm in a witness protection program: 132 (4.3%)
Everyone in my town knows me: 84 (2.8%)
I'm a well known net.personality: 44 (1.4%)
I have a popular web site: 44 (1.4%)
I'm fairly well known in several countries: 17 (0.6%)
I'm an international celebrity: 15 (0.5%)
I'm moderately well known in traditional media: 13 (0.4%)
I'm famous within a country but not elsewhere: 1 (0.0%)

I was hoping this poll would cause me to receive e-mail from someone amazingly famous. But no... it seems the only celebrities who read this comic are too embarrassed to admit it. ;-)

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