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Poll Results

Poll 206: Favourite word/phrase used in English with accented characters?

Total votes: 2430

ménage à trois: 318 (13.1%)  
déjà vu: 316 (13.0%)
coup de grâce: 222 (9.1%)
Ångström: 218 (9.0%)
smörgåsbord: 188 (7.7%)
Übermensch: 182 (7.5%)
naïve: 162 (6.7%)
coup d'état: 148 (6.1%)
Motörhead: 148 (6.1%)
jalapeño: 146 (6.0%)
Häagen-Dazs: 120 (4.9%)
façade: 96 (4.0%)
café: 63 (2.6%)
à la mode: 56 (2.3%)
fiancé/fiancée: 47 (1.9%)

I was getting tired of writing poll questions and having dozens of people e-mailing to say, "You forgot such-and-such an answer! How could you??! I demand to put in a vote for it!" I normally write the poll questions in a panic about 2 minutes before I post a new question, and so inevitably miss some option that would have been obvious given another minute's thought.

So this time I thought, "I'll get you!" And I posted the question to the IWC forums and asked the posters there for all the answers they could think of. And I stuck all the best ones in the poll as options.

And man, did that ever fail. I received more "How could you forget so-and-so??" for this poll than any other one I've run. People sent in dozens of good suggestions, from tête-à-tête to naïveté, from fête to touché, from crème brûlée to bête noire.

See if I ever try that again.

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