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Poll Results

Poll 180: It's been two years since the Fantasy characters began their quest to cross the Orcrift Mountains, descend into the Swamp of Terror, in search of the Golden Citadel, to seek an audience with the great Dragon Sage Ardaxar, and inquire into the possible location of the missing Ruby of Dwarven Might from the ancient and shattered Crown of Power. How far do you think they'll have progressed in another two years from now?

Total votes: 3108

Back at Footcrag for more supplies for the crossing: 1253 (40.3%)
Lost somewhere in the Orcrift Mountains: 709 (22.8%)
Somewhere in the Swamp of Terror: 511 (16.4%)
Across the Orcrift Mountains but not at the Swamp yet: 421 (13.5%)  
Be at the Golden Citadel: 86 (2.8%)
Have met the great Dragon Sage Ardaxar: 57 (1.8%)
Recovered the entire Crown of Power: 45 (1.4%)
Know where to seek the Ruby of Dwarven Might: 15 (0.5%)
Found the Ruby of Dwarven Might: 11 (0.4%)

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