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Poll Results

Poll 160: What would you most like to see?

Total votes: 2237

An intelligent alien: 747 (33.4%)
A dragon: 620 (27.7%)
A hippogriff: 195 (8.7%)
The Loch Ness Monster: 172 (7.7%)  
A ghost: 130 (5.8%)
A woolly mammoth: 112 (5.0%)
A Tyrannosaurus: 88 (3.9%)
A sabretooth tiger: 82 (3.7%)
A Neanderthal: 59 (2.6%)
A sea serpent: 32 (1.4%)

There was a bit of interpretation on this question over on the forums. Some people figured an alien was the only thing on the list they were ever likely to see, so dismissed the rest out of hand. Some other people figured that most of the other options would probably kill you, so dismissed those as choices too. I really should have phrased the question as "If it was possible and safe, what would you most like to see?" but that just seemed too many words for too little gain. Besides, I like to leave these poll questions a bit open to different interpretations and ambiguities, because it makes the results more interesting.

And quite frankly, I'm surprised, nay astounded, that a Tyrannosaurus figures so far down the list. I reckon getting to see a living specimen would be incredibly cool. I mean... they actually existed. But then, I tend to see more wonder in nature than fiction.

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