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Poll Results

Poll 159: What's under your bed?

Total votes: 2196

Dust: 406 (18.5%)
Random junk, could be anything: 406 (18.5%)
Things I rarely use, stored long-term: 262 (11.9%)  
Monsters: 239 (10.9%)
Books, magazines, and/or toys: 207 (9.4%)
Nothing: 177 (8.1%)
Things I use sometimes, stored neatly: 132 (6.0%)
I really have no idea: 129 (5.9%)
I sleep on the floor: 118 (5.4%)
Shoes: 62 (2.8%)
Luggage: 58 (2.6%)

A reader wrote:

When I read the poll "What's under your bed" I was on my computer in my room, so naturally, I looked. Lo and behold, was my bag that I had been missing for three months now! It had money, valuble college books, my script, songs I wrote, and even some of my girlfriend's jewelry!

I really owe you one, man! I really needed that bag!

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