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Poll Results

Poll 145: How do you turn the light on?

Total votes: 2002

Flip the switch up: 477 (23.8%)
It depends what way the other switch is: 339 (16.9%)
Fruit is best fermented: 278 (13.9%)
Light? Is that like the glow the screen emits?: 267 (13.3%)  
Flip the switch down: 206 (10.3%)
There's one over at the Frankenstein place : 190 (9.5%)
Pedal faster: 55 (2.7%)
Turn the knob: 43 (2.1%)
Wait until sunrise: 28 (1.4%)
Pull the string: 24 (1.2%)
Flip the switch sideways: 20 (1.0%)
Push a button on the remote: 18 (0.9%)
Light a match and apply it to the wick: 17 (0.8%)
A motion sensor turns it on when I enter: 16 (0.8%)
Clap my hands: 8 (0.4%)
It's on all the time: 8 (0.4%)
A light sensor turns it on when it's dark: 4 (0.2%)
Set a timer to do it: 4 (0.2%)

Personally, I flip the switch down. That's how all conventional lightswitches are wired here in Australia. I was astonished to learn some years ago that in the USA they're all upside down! (Yes yes, I know, who's to say America hasn't got them right and Australia is upside down? And yes, I've heard far too many "upside down" or "they're the same way, just in different hemispheres" pseudo-explanations to last a lifetime - it's not funny. Really.)

The basic point is that simple things like this that we take for granted and never think about can be completely different in other countries. And I was curious to see how many of you live in places where the lights go on when you flip the switch up, versus down. And then there were naturally several other options to add as well.

The "fruit is best fermented" one I actually put in as an option for poll #143, but it slipped through a time warp.

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