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Poll Results

Poll 128: Submit!

Total votes: 1394

Resistance is futile. I see no way to avoid submission.: 466 (33.4%)  
Okey dokey.: 374 (26.8%)
<choose>: 307 (22.0%)
Yes, Master.: 226 (16.2%)
I submit.: 129 (9.3%)
Your wish is my command.: 90 (6.5%)
Sure! Anything to please you.: 59 (4.2%)
Most gladly.: 50 (3.6%)
[No, Never, or variants thereof]: 36 (2.6%)

Well, a bunch of you elected to submit the "<choose>" marker. While a few submitted hacked answers based on some variant of refusal. But of course all of you still hit the "Submit" button... thus submitting by default. Only those of you who didn't answer the poll were successful at resisting my command.

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