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Poll Results

Poll 116: Peanut butter goes best with:

Total votes: 2014

Chocolate: 441 (21.9%)
Bread: 379 (18.8%)
Epinephrine/Adrenaline: 247 (12.3%)  
Jelly: 200 (9.9%)
Jam: 164 (8.1%)
Banana: 114 (5.7%)
Honey: 102 (5.1%)
Brandy and a cigar: 73 (3.6%)
Chili and meat: 71 (3.5%)
Ice cream: 66 (3.3%)
Cheese: 57 (2.8%)
A nice dry burgundy: 34 (1.7%)
A fruity white riesling: 34 (1.7%)
Port: 32 (1.6%)

People are quite passionate about their peanut butter. I received four write-in votes for marshmallows or marshmallow cream. A couple of people wanted "a spoon" to eat it straight from the jar. Two wanted a bin to toss it in. And someone apparently likes to dip celery sticks in peanut butter.

And it seems that a lot of respondents are allergic to peanuts, since that's what epinephrine is used to treat.

And I'm surprised how low chili and meat ranked (below brandy and a cigar!). It seems many of you are not too keen on satay.

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